Yandex will hold its seventh review of start-ups in Moscow

Yandex will hold its seventh review of start-ups in MoscowA regular Yandex.Start will take place in August, 3 at 17:00 at Yandex’s office. The company conducts these events in different cities of Russia and neighboring countries, setting a goal to find promising projects of talented entrepreneurs, as well as all interested to hear in what direction the Internet is developing today, and what is in the focus of Yandex.

Yandex.Start in Moscow will be held for the seventh time. A distinctive feature of this event from other Starts will be an original plan: This time we will work with ideas – company’s representatives said in their blog.

Yandex’s expert council will include:
- Ilya Segalovich, CTO
- Andrew Sebrant, director of marketing services
- Gregory Bakunov, director of technology diffusion,
- Alex Avdei, the head of Yandex.Market service,
- Roman Ivanov, Product Manager,
- Alexander Zverev, the head of the secret service,
- Xenia Elkina, Yandeks.Fabrika project manager,
- Leonid Volkov, partner in working with startups.

The format of the event: each speaker, along with the host and other Start participants will try to invent a business on the basis of their idea to solve an obvious problem. Then the participants will try to discuss the ideas in team, and if the team is formed, they will continue working on the project. Participants who did not join any of the teams will be able to discuss their ideas and projects and assess their chances of progress with Yandex experts.

To participate in the event you need:
1. To send your idea to until July, 20. The description should take no more than 10 lines in the body.
2. To get invited to speak about your idea.
3. To prepare a two-minute speech. You do not need to make a presentation.