Commercial director of “Yandex” Lev Gleizer leaves the company

Commercial director of “Yandex” Lev Gleizer leaves the companyCommercial director of “Yandex” Lev Gleizer leaves the Company because of disputes with management about future development of the commercial department, informs the “Yandex” press-office.

According the information at the “Yandex” site, Mr.Gleizer works in the advertising industry since 1996, is a member of the expert committee of the Russian Communication Agencies Association (RCAA), founded two advertisement agencies – AdWatch and MediaSelling. In “Yandex” Mr. Gleizer has worked wince 2008, and in 2012 he became the commercial director.

“Notwithstanding that for a long time we have been working with Lev, we did not manage to find agreement about further development of commercial department. This is why by mutual decision since September Lev leaves the position of commercial director”, - informs the press-office of “Yandex”.

The Company has expressed appreciation to Lev Gleizer for impact in development of sales and advertising technologies of “Yandex”. “Thanks to his efforts “Yandex” established more open and friendly contact with largest clients, shared with knowledge more actively, listen and gather feedback. We will try ti support such dialogue with market in future”, - is noted in the message.