Seliger 2012: Packers’ Parade from RVC

Seliger 2012: Packers’ Parade from RVCAn Innovation and Technical Creativity shift took place from the 1st to 9th of July, 2012 at the All-Russian Youth Forum Seliger-2012. Its general partner was RVC OJSC, which prepared and conducted several educational activities with the participants of the shift.

An event called Packers’ Parade took place at the shift. RVC attracted representatives of 6 companies that are engaged in the "packaging" of technology startups - the preparation of business plans and presentations to potential investors. About 60 start-up projects that participated in the shift (about 100 people) were distributed among the "packers" who had been working with them for 5 days, helping to refine their business ideas and prepare them for presentation to investors.

Daily classes with packers were mandatory for the authors of projects. The projects were divided into clusters according to industry sector and sent to packers with appropriate industry expertise.

Classes began with a lecture on one of the key areas: business model, product, marketing plan, finance, presentation. Then the experts conducted individual classes with the authors of projects. The working procedures of the packers were different, but all projects received assignments from their mentors, reporting on the work done to their colleagues and receiving feedback from experts and other start-uppers.

The packers selected the top 4 projects that took part in the presentation session on July, 7. Packers followed the performances of their charges, as coaches for the performances of their athletes. Experts selected 24 projects from the top 10 with the help of a special voting procedure. Packers’ Parade took place at the same time: 10 best projects were mentors’ projects.

I've always liked the guys who come with their projects to innovative shift of Seliger forum, - said the director of the department to promote innovation and social programs, a member of RVC Board Yevgeny Kuznetsov, who delivered a lecture on Personal careers in the innovative world. – We try to organize educational activities that help to develop their projects. Particularly successful, in my opinion, was the current format of the Packers' Parade: the projects were interesting, and packers were able to show themselves in all their glory. I think that everyone was satisfied.