Consulting services for innovative companies with the participation of RVC

Consulting services for innovative companies with the participation of RVCA web service that advices technology companies on marketing, business development and management will be created in Russia. The agreement was signed in early August between RVC and the Center for Innovation commercialization (CIC). The project is implemented within the framework of RVC’s program on stimulating of demand for innovative products.

Among the partners of RVC and CIC to create the web service are HSE Graduate School of Marketing and Business Development, HSE Institute of Innovation Management and a non-profit partnership The community of certified marketers.

According to an investigation ordered by RVC in 2011about 80% of Russian startups at the stage of sales are experiencing difficulties related to weak marketing strategy of positioning and sales channels of the product. The realization of the project will develop the competencies of technology companies in marketing and boost sales of innovative products, - Gulnara Bikkulova says, the director of RVC’s department for innovative markets development and promotion.

Until now, there was no an entry point in Russia for innovative companies interested in this kind of consulting - the General Director of the Center for Innovation commercialization Michael Zakharevich says. – The resource that is under development will bring together consultants that are the most knowledgeable and experienced in working with technology companies. This will make it possible to bring the practice of marketing consulting for Russian innovative companies to a new level.

In the framework of the internet service it is planned to create an online ordering site for consulting services from consulting companies specialized in marketing and commercialization of innovative products and companies, as well as the knowledge base which includes the theory and practice of marketing innovations, templates of marketing documents. In addition, educational and advisory activities (seminars, webinars, consulting sessions) will be conducted on a regular basis as part of the service.

The work on the development of technical platform of the Internet service is running. It is expected that the platform will start operating full-time in October this year.