The most promising innovative companies of IPOboard

The most promising innovative companies of IPOboardThe Committee on the Innovation and Investment Marketplace Development at Moscow Stock Exchange conducted an expert ranking of IPOBoard innovative companies that entered the top 10 for information openness according to the II quarter of 2012.

IPOboard is a web-resource aimed at creating mechanisms to attract investment by innovative companies at early stages of development. This is a professional platform bringing together investors, entrepreneurs, experts, consultants and financiers, aimed at creating a system to attract new capital into Russia’s growing companies.

5 companies were selected out of 10, which according to the Committee members are the most attractive to potential investors. The five open and promising projects are:

Ltd. Speereo - a developer of speech recognition technology;
Ltd. Balaka - has been developing a system to search for audio and video live broadcasts all over the Internet;
Ltd. TRIDIVI - high-tech developments in computer vision;
Ltd. ABC Rus – ABC system that provides protection and distribution of digital corporate, scientific, academic and popular literature;
Ltd. Corporation Russian superconductor - develops an innovative project for the production of kinetic energy storage devices.

Sessions with mentors from among the members of the Committee, as well as online meetings and presentations to investors will be held for the above projects in the fall of 2012 on Moscow Stock Exchange.

IPOBoard project is being implemented on the basis of an independent legal entity, but in close collaboration with the Innovation and Investment Market of Moscow Stock Exchange (MII) and operates under the concept of innovative.