Peter Thiel sells Facebook shares and invests in artificial meat creation

Peter Thiel sells Facebook shares and invests in artificial meat creationOne of the first investors of Facebook Peter Thiel sold most of his shares in the social network right after the end of the moratorium on their implementation, - the total revenue of the investment is almost $1B. At the same time Thiel has invested several million dollars in biotech startup that develops technology for three-dimensional printing of biological tissues.

According to the documents filed to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Peter Thiel, one of the first independent investors of Facebook, sold 20.1 million shares for a total amount of $395.8 M, the sales were conducted from August 16 to 17. Given the previously sold (during the IPO) Facebook shares the total revenue from Thiel’s investments in the social network is almost $1B.

He also invested in Modern Meadow startup, which reported the receiving of several million dollars, although the actual size of the investment was not disclosed.

The main product of the company is a printer that can literally print artificial meat, which, as assured by the company, has no different from the usual beef and has all the useful features of its natural analog. Modern Meadow says that their product has an economic sense and does not harm the environment. The developers of the printer say that the value of their work is very high - one gram of such meat out of the tube is about $1K but the price will be significantly reduced after entering mass production.

The equipment of Modern Meadow literally construct the meat cell by cell, combining proteins, amino acids, lipids and many other components of this product.

Our product eliminates the need to kill animals, and will be environmentally friendly in every sense, - Modern Meadow says. - We need a sample of tissue of one animal to create the volume of meat of millions of such animals.