Private business incubators to be created in Penza region

Private business incubators to be created in Penza regionGuests from Sarov were impressed by Penza Technopark Yablochkov. Penza representatives visited the closed city of nuclear physicists 2 weeks ago and familiarized with their experience in establishing of innovative structures and organizations of innovative business. The return visit took place on Wednesday, September 5.

The conditions created for Innovation in Penza: up-to-date equipment and newly renovated spacious rooms is a pleasant surprise. It is a dream even for Sarov which is one of the scientific and technical centers of Russia. I was very impressed by Penza region. It invested a lot of money. The team is of very high level. And we can only dream of the new equipment we saw. – Vladimir Karyuk said, the general director of CJSC Binar Association, the founder of a private business incubator in Sarov.

Our challenge is to create shared centers for companies of the industrial cluster. That is why we are very interested in Penza, in its experience in creating such centers, - Elena Filippova said, the head of department to work with companies and business development of Sarov administration.

Sarov businessmen and scientists do not mind the cooperation with Penza. They saw that the resource base in the regional center is worthy. I think there will be some projects aimed at creating some devices. Sarov, as everyone knows, is a city of nuclear physicists. They have very interesting areas of research that are inaccessible for us now. In addition, they have a great scientific base, - Vitaly Demidochkin, the head of innovation policy and special projects of Penza region said.

Penza businessmen saw in Sarov that investing in innovative projects can be and should be. The experience in the creation of private business incubators will be introduced in Penza region. According to Yuri Krivov, the president of Penza region Government, non-state investments in private business incubators will be made in 3-4 years.