RVC invites to participate in a public evaluation of innovations project

RVC invites to participate in a public evaluation of innovations projectEverybody is invited to take part in a public evaluation of the level of innovative technology products project, the list of which was proposed by Russian development institutes. All of these products are already on the market, and were invested a few years ago. Special online project to evaluate these innovations has been already launched.

Innoprod.ru project aims to try to understand the current situation more clearly: how the public and experts in various innovative products think of different innovation products, because at the time of release to the market a product could be considered as innovative, but with the passage of time it became a mainstream, and may not seem as a technological breakthrough today.

The list of products for evaluation is formed on the basis of manufacturers’ applications that showed the desire to participate in the project (there are about 50 of such applications and they are divided into key technology areas for ease of navigation). Participants can familiarize themselves with the characteristics of the product, to share their opinion (possibly with references to specific sources), to support or refute the opinions of others.

The award for the most active participants will be personal invitations to participate in the biggest event in Russian innovation - Moscow International Forum of Innovative Development Open Innovation, to be held from October, 31 to November 3, 2012.