Vologda region joined NAIRIT

Vologda region joined NAIRITThe Department of Economics of Vologda region has become a member of the National Association of Innovation and Development of Information Technology, which is one of the most representative NGOs in innovation today, bringing together some 1,5K companies and creative teams. The work of Vologda region to spread innovation has not gone unnoticed.

According to the report of NAIRIT, the region has paid great attention to the development of innovations in recent years. A regional law on The scientific (research) and scientific and technological activities and state support of innovation activity in Vologda region has been adopted, the strategy of innovative development of the region till 2020 is being developed. The region has innovative infrastructure and innovative enterprises (including small ones).

Among active innovative organizations are chemical plants, textile and clothing manufacturers, the organization for the production of electrical and optical equipment, food production.

According to the president of NAIRIT Olga Uskova, the Association gives great consideration to its regional activities. The membership of Vologda region in the association will lead to a significant expansion of both our capabilities and capacities of innovative programs and activities aimed at further improving the national innovation infrastructure.