A strategy of Vologda region innovative development

A strategy of Vologda region innovative development A new plan for the acceleration of economic development will be developed in Vologda region. This was instructed in June 6, 2012 by the governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov after a meeting of the Presidium of the Council for Science and Technology and Innovation of Vologda region.

The meeting took place in the form of discussion and was attended by the heads of departments, economists, and rectors of Vologda universities, all participants of the event put forward their proposals to introduce an innovative approach to economic development, proposed options for the cluster development of the area.

According to RUSNANO, the region takes the 26th place on the proportion of organizations engaged in technological innovation, and the 23th place in terms of innovative products and services. However, according to Oleg Kuvshinnikova, the region has considerable scientific potential that has not been used yet. At the moment, there are more than 150 active PhDs, 18 large organizations engaged in scientific research in Vologda region.

Having these prerequisites for innovative development, we must use them wisely. First we need to identify specific areas which will attract investments and make a push to the development of these areas - said Oleg Kuvshinnikov.

A strategy of innovative development will be created for these purposes till 2020. The governor instructed to submit a new draft till this autumn, official regional web-portal says. A broad discussion of strategies should be also held in the Internet, so that everyone could make his or her suggestions for innovative development of the area.