Tver region joined NAIRIT

Tver region joined NAIRITThe Ministry of Economic Development of Tver region became a member of NAIRIT. The administration of the region attaches great importance to the innovation sector, conducts consistent policy to form regional innovation infrastructure. Its most important elements are venture and start-up funds.

The administration actively interacts with Russian Venture Company, Rusnano, Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in science and technology. There is a business incubator of Tver Fund for Assistance to Small Business, a Research and Methodological Center for Innovation activities of Higher Education (Tver InnoCenter), Tver Science and Technology Park, Tver Regional Business Incubator, Tver Regional Fund for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Tver Center for Science and technical information.

A long-term target program Development of innovative activity in Tver region in 2009-2013 is being realized in the region.

One of the largest Russian Youth Forum in innovation Seliger takes place in the region. According to NAIRIT ranking of innovative activity, Tver region is one of the regions with high innovative activity.

The president of NAIRIT Olga Uskova: We see significant gains in mutual cooperation with Tver region in several spheres: improving the efficiency of investment in youth innovation sector, the implementation of educational activities in innovation, participation in joint infrastructure projects.