Dmitry Medvedev meets with Mark Zuckerberg

Dmitry Medvedev meets with Mark ZuckerbergThe head of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev discussed at Gorki the possible opening of a Russian Facebook research and development center. As the social network founder admitted, he came to Russia, for brilliant developers and great programmers live here. Nikolay Nikiforov, the head of the Ministry of Communications, in response to concerns of experts about brain drain, said that We have no restrictions on departure.

As Natalia Timakova, the spokesman of the Prime Minister reported, Mr. Zuckerberg and Mr. Medvedev discussed the possible presence of Facebook in Russia not only as a social network, but also as a company, spoke about Skolkovo as a place having startups that may be of mutual interest. The founder of Facebook, in turn, said: I came here specially for the Cup - Facebook Hack - not only because the Russian team won, but also because there are excellent developers, developers of social applications, great programmers not only in Facebook, but in general, so I wanted to see them. According to him, he is going to inspire the Russian developers to create new applications for Facebook, wrote.

Before Mark Zuckerberg’s visit some experts have expressed concerns that the founder of the world's largest social network has arrived to entice the Russian experts. Nikolay Nikiforov, the head of the Ministry of Communications, commented on these concerns in his Twitter: Actually all this discussion about the fact that someone entices some employees surprises me. We have no restrictions on departure ... The question is, where to find the best conditions to realize the full potential of a specialist. I know many examples of effective enticing from the U.S.A. to Russia.

The meeting also touched upon the prospect of social networks development and their influence in the world, particularly in politics. Mr. Medvedev has joked, whether he understands correctly that, apparently, Barack Obama will win because he has a lot more followers than Mitt Romney, - Natalia Timakova said. According to her, Mark Zuckerberg admitted that when he and his friends were inventing Facebook, he did not think it would become a factor of politics.

Mark Zuckerberg presented to Dmitry Medvedev a T-shirt with the social network address of the Russian Prime Minister printed on it. The social network founder in the comments to the photo with Mr. Medvedev on his Facebook page called the talk good.

Mark Zuckerberg’s arrival in Moscow coincides with the Facebook World Hack Tour, within the framework of which competition in programming takes place. On October 1, the founder of Facebook also scheduled to meet with Arkady Dvorkovich, and Vladislav Surkov.