Gazprom and Rusnano to agree on joint projects

Gazprom and Rusnano to agree on joint projectsGazprom and Rusnano plan to approve the scheme of interaction on the generation of new projects and priorities for scientific and technical cooperation until 2020. At the last meeting the sides discussed the cooperation between the companies in the course of joint actions, as well as a Program to stimulate the demand for innovative products, including nanotechnological products in the gas industry.

At the meeting it was noted that Gazprom is actively cooperating with the project companies of Rusnano, such as CJSC Plakart: the development of metallic protective coatings that offer high corrosion resistance. Experimental evaluation showed that the protective coating and the technology of their application provides long-term resistance to erosion and corrosion even in conditions above 100 degrees with the presence of alkalis, acids and other corrosive materials.

LLC Gazprom mining Astrakhan and CJSC Plakart carried out significant work on the introduction of the coatings to Astrakhan gas processing plant. As a result, the process of corrosion of the working surfaces of technological devices became slow.

During the meeting, special attention was also paid to the introduction of anti-corrosion coatings for tube products developed by Rusnano project companies.

The meeting participants noted that one of the promising areas of Gazprom and Rusnano joint cooperation is the production and implementation of composite materials. In particular, Rusnano is working on prototyping of a composite sleeve to repair gas mains.

Today, Rusnano and we clearly understand our mutual interests. First steps to the long-term cooperation have been already made. Our task is to get significant result from this work in terms of Gazprom costs optimization, - the head of Gazprom Alexey Miller said.

In November 2010, Gazprom and Rusnano signed an agreement of joint actions. The document suggests the work to expand the use of nanotechnology in the gas industry. In September 2011, Gazprom and Rusnano approved the Program to stimulate the demand for innovation, including nanotechnology products in the gas industry. In June, 2011 Gazprom approved a program of innovative development until 2020. The main purpose of the program is the constant improvement of the technological level of Gazprom to maintain its position of a technological leader in the global energy business.