The second business incubator to be built in Novosibirsk

The second business incubator to be built in NovosibirskThe second business incubator will be established in Novosibirsk. Its location, the total amount of construction and general contractor for the development of the project have been determined. There are 240 new jobs and 140 of them are in the industrial sector. The total amount of construction is 180M RUR.

The business incubator will be located in Leninsky district, Itar-Tass reported today at the municipality press center. The total area of the future business incubator buildings is 4700 square meters.

The organization of this area has been discussed at the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Council in Novosibirsk. According to the director of the City Center for business development Yegor Kazantsev, the estimated cost of the project is 180M RUR. Expected sources of funding are federal, regional and municipal budgets, and the best part comes from the federal budget, which will be provided after the completion of business incubator's construction project, its expertise, and applying for co-financing to the Ministry of Economic Development in 2013.

The first business incubator, located in Dzerzhinsk district, has been working for over a year. Its residents are about 20 small businesses. The Chairman of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Council, first deputy mayor of Novosibirsk Vladimir Znatkov ordered to include the question about the effectiveness of the first business incubator in the agenda of the seventh regional conference on entrepreneurship, scheduled for the 29th of November.