The next Startup Weekend in Moscow

The next Startup Weekend in Moscow Google Startup Weekend will take place in Moscow on the 27th and 28th of November. Best specialists of Google will give four lectures on Android platform. The lectures are arranged according to increasing complexity, which should interest both new to working with this platform and experienced developers.

Lectures for beginners: Android review and developers' opportunities, Basic knowledge of UI and its optimization. Startup Weekend offers advanced users to attend lectures on ActionBar - a new way to interact with the user and The use of fragments. These events will take place on November, 27. The day will end with an online meeting with the staff of Google headquarters, who will make a series of short reports about Google Play, YouTube, AdWords, Google TV, Wallet, and many other things, and then answer the questions of participants on the development and integration with Google products. The communication will be in English.

The next day of Startup Weekend will be devoted to the work on participants' apps - from 11 a.m. to 17 p.m. they will be able to develop or enhance their applications with Android experts. If you are having difficulty adapting applications for different devices that support the platform, or are you going to introduce a new feature and faced with unexpected difficulties, our experts will help you - the representatives of Startup Weekend say.

The jury will select the best Android applications at the end of the day.

The participation in Google Startup Weekend is free. Registration is required.