Google mentions Zingaya’s product as an example of WebRTC

Google mentions Zingaya’s product as an example of WebRTC Annual Google conference I/O 2013 conducted by the corporation since 2008 and aimed at launching new products and services, sharing experiences and learning, mentioned the development of Russian startup Zingaya as an example of WebRTC using. WebRTC is a new open standard for web peer-to-peer communication, which makes it possible to transmit video and audio directly between browsers using no additional software such as Skype or plug-ins such as Adobe Flash.

The conference included different circles of interest: the developers could see real demonstrations, ask questions and get advice from Google experts. The conference was attended by about 5K professionals. More than 120 topics related to products and technologies developed with Google’s support were discussed during meetings on technical issues.

Google is the initiator of the WebRTC development. The creation of common open P2P standards of communication between browsers is a strategic priority of Google.

Zingaya is a developer of services for voice communication with website visitors and mobile apps users, and an active member of WebRTC working group which includes Google, Mozilla, and many other developers of Web technologies, - the CEO of Zingaya Alexey Aylarov says.

Recall that Zingaya closed its first investment round in October 2010 raising $1.15M from a pool of investors including EDventure Holdings representative Esther Dyson and a number of Russian private investors.