In the IT-park of Kazan has been held the SEO Conference 2013

In the IT-park of Kazan has been held the SEO Conference 2013The regular SEO conference has ended in the Kazan IT-park. For the fourth year the SEO conference gathers the best specialists in the sphere of promotion optimization in order they could chare experience both with listeners and each other. The held SEO conference 2013 was the same. During two days in the Kazan IT-park have been conducted master-classes, reports, meetings with experts, who are famous not only in Russia, but al over the world. During two days the SEO conference 2013 gathered a great amount of listeners, and each of them could communicate not only with like-minded persons, but also with true professionals in their sphere, who are successful in it.

The first and the second days comprised three main directions: these are reports, master-classes and private meetings with experts. Thanks to the fact, that SEO Conference 2013 has a high level of focus on practice work component, all participants could actively take part in its conduction. All information, presenting here, has been supported by practice tasks and cases solutions. In order to meet the expert individually, all volunteers could before the conference send interested questions, among which specialists have chosen those, which are actual for private communication.

In the first day of SEO conference, gathered in the conference hall of the Kazan IT-park could listen to Andrey Kalinin from “”, Bulat Karimov from “Yandex” Konstantin Leonovich from “SAPE. Representative from “Google” (USA) Vladimir Ofitserov reported on the subject “Rating change of Google for the last year, and what to expect further”, and Dmitry Yeremeev from “FIX” spone of the subject “VKontakte and Google. Relevancy, and whether it needs”. Besides, there have been discussed questions concerning social links, methods of good traffic getting, and other interesting subjects. In the first day of the conference their projects have presented Yelena Pershina and Dmitry Vulbrun from “Yandex”, Ivan Baidin and Nikita Gurovsky from “Aviasales”, and Mikhail Slivinsky from WikiMart. This day gathered listeners could communicate with such experts as Pavel Yurovitsky, Ilya Perekopsky and Bulat Karimov.

The second day of the conference was less challenging. Andrey Ivanov from the Company “Neiron” started this day with his report “Context advertising of in semantic mirror”. Simultaneously with his report, there has been conducted master class by Kirill Vaikhansky at the subject “Behavioral factors”. Other events of this day have been also very interesting - representatives of powerful and authority companies spoke at the stage: SemRush, Amonetize Ltd, ActionPay, Youlamedia.Com. In the second half of the day there have been held master classes by Nikolay Khivrin from “Megaindex” and Pavel Yurovitsky from “Kokos”. In the block of private meetings with experts, there have been presented Aleksander Bakhmann, Michael Ovey and Konstantin Kalinov.

All participants will remember high rate and productivity, new meetings and great organization of the conference. There have been created all conditions for discussion of gathered information, making new contacts, learning more about Internet-promotion market and other questions, which have been discussed at the conference. SEO Conference 2013 is the maximal opening and separation from stereotypes of boring event. This is a new experience and a new level for each specialist in the way of self-development.