Tatarstan allocates $1M for research in IT-technologies

Tatarstan allocates $1M for research in IT-technologiesThis year, the government of Tatarstan allocates an unprecedented grant of $1M to the Graduate School ITIS, Kazan Federal University. The purpose of the allocated grant is to attract talented scientists from around the world to the country to conduct researches in information technologies.

IT-cluster in Tatarstan is being formed and one of its main objectives is to improve the socio-economic potential of the Republic through the introduction of information technologies in the real economy. IT-industry in Russia experiences a serious shortage of personnel, - the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic says. - the Republic should actively promote human and scientific potential to maintain and improve its competitiveness in high technologies.

The grant will be allocated to foreign scholars who come to Tatarstan to conduct research in information technologies at the Graduate School ITIS, Kazan University.

The decision to award a grant will be made by a commission of experts that includes authoritative foreign and domestic IT-researchers.

The Graduate School of Information Technologies and Information System (ITIS) is one of the most advanced training units of Kazan Federal University.

ITIS involves students in work from the initial stage of education, and focuses on applied disciplines. That is why students receive practical training in leading IT-companies and IT-parks of the Republic.