American VCs launch a fund to support Google Glass

American VCs launch a fund to support Google GlassThree American VCs intend to establish a special fund to support the developers of applications for Google Glass, smart glasses from Google Corporation. Although the modern accessory is not yet available in the open sale, its future success is not in doubt.

Glass Collective investment project is initiated by Bill Maris from Google Ventures, Mark Andreessen (Andreessen Horowitz) and John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers). The group will provide the initial funding to the most promising projects.

Although Glass Collective will not be an independent structure, it aims to coordinate investment activities to find and attract talented developers who can strengthen the combination of reality and digital experience.

Google announced first apps for Glass in March. They were Gmail, Path social network client, service for creating and storing notes Evernote, The New York Times widget, and Skitch for sharing pictures. Google Glass wearers receives new message notifications from all five apps through a single interface.