Evernote plans to introduce its own magical gadgets

Evernote plans to introduce its own magical gadgets                          Note-taking service Evernote plans to release its own gadgets, the CEO of the company Phil Libin said at a conference in Tokyo.

First devices that Libin described as something magical will be launched in 3-4 years. It should be noted that Evernote does not plan to manufacture the gadgets. The company will conduct the development of the concept and design.

Despite the fact that Evernote’s core activities are related to the provision of cloud services for storing notes, the company has some experience in creating real goods: last year it cooperated with Moleskin and released a series of notebooks that could be easily digitized using an iPhone. Evernote offers apps that work with scanners, cameras, and even blood pressure monitors.

We also know that augmented reality glasses Google Glass have Evernote service among pre-installed apps.

Evernote Company was founded in 2008 by Russian programmer and businessman Stepan Pachikov. The startup based in California became extremely popular. The project won a million active users over the first year of operation. Evernote has more than 40M users and its audience continues to grow.