Evernote invites application developers

Evernote invites application developersThe Evernote company organizes a meeting with developers - Evernote Dev Meetup - on April 27 at the Digital October center in Moscow. The event will focus on creation and integration of services and applications on the Evernote platform and opportunities to promote affiliate products.

Currently there are already thousands of developers who have expressed interest in creating products using free and open Evernote API, creating an ecosystem of applications integrated with the Evernote platform. The company regularly meets with developers in the countries where a lot of interesting authors of applications and services for various platforms live and work. Russia belongs to these countries.

During the meeting, the company will speak about what integration with Evernote can provide for different types of applications: from corporate services to mobile clients of news sites and will answer questions of developers. Also Evernote partners will speak about their experience of integration.

Special attention of the meeting will be drawn to assistance in promoting and the introduction to the audience of many millions Evernote users.

The participation fee is 200 RUR, as the number of vacancies is limited and the organizers want to gather really interested people at the event.