MC Sberinvest to manage investment fund in Vladimir Region

MC Sberinvest to manage investment fund in Vladimir RegionMC Sberinvest won open competition for the right to manage the investment fund of Vladimir Region. The corresponding decision was taken by the Supervisory Board of the NPO Foundation for Promotion of investment in small and medium enterprises of Vladimir Region.

MC Sberinvest will receive 400M RUR of the Fund to trust management for a period of 7 years.

The fund will be invested in economically viable projects in energy, engineering and other real sectors of the economy. The Foundation is under formation; the Federal Service for Financial Markets conducts the registration of asset management rules.

A member of the Board of Directors of MC Sberinvest Oleg Dyachenko notes that the MC, managing regional funds, makes all efforts to integrate into the regional infrastructure and promote the development of projects aimed at improving the economic competitiveness of a particular area. Investment support, based on current problems, for small and medium enterprises in energy and energy efficiency is one of the fund’s priorities.

The Fund is particularly interested in projects being implemented in Mechatronics Industrial Park of VPA Tochmash - the director of the Infrastructure Projects Department of MC Sberinvest Mikhail Petrov explains.

Kortik Service engineering company, the key partner of MC Sberinvest, will join the development of the industrial park this year under agreement with TVEL (Rosatom's fuel company).

The trilateral cooperation should result in effective development of projects in energy, small power engineering and utility systems based on Kortik Service’s core competencies, TVEL’s developments and investment support of the Fund under the management of MC Sberinvest.