Rusnano creates a new fund to invest in energy

Rusnano creates a new fund to invest in energyThe size of the new fund Nanoenergo will be $150M which includes investments from Rosnanocapital, Peresvet Bank and several undisclosed foreign shareholders. The specialization of the new fund is nanotechnology for power industry development.

It was initially assumed that Nanoenergo fund would be of $400M but there was no sufficient number of interested parties. Rosnanokapital’s investment in the Fund amounted to $50M, and the rest was attracted from Peresvet Bank and western investors. MC Sberinvest will manage the assets of the fund.

The main criteria for the selection of projects will be the involvement in nanotechnology, technical feasibility, cost effectiveness and proven minimal risks. The Fund will invest in companies that have a prototype, and give money to the development of mass production.

Managing Company Sberinvest was previously involved in the management of Rusnano funds’ assets: in 2011 it controlled SIF Nanomet the funds of which were for co-investment in projects aimed at the introduction of nanotechnology in the steel industry. The size of the co-investment amounted to 3B RUR and about 1.5B RUR of the sum was invested by Rusnano.