Russian investors finance a startup for handling divorces

Russian investors finance a startup for handling divorcesAmerican startup Wevorce received investment from Russian investors. Wevorce is an innovative online tech platform that allows couples to divorce avoiding traditional high-cost procedures that require much time and leave psychological scars. The amount of the deal is not disclosed, but it is known that the project has raised a total of $2M since its Demo Day.

Investments were received from a group of SKOLKOVO Executive MBA graduates Natalia Berezovskaya (the CEO of Detonate Ventures investment company), Gregoriy Shifrin and Vitaliy Polekhin (co-founders and managing partners of early stage seed investment Fund Venture Angels). The investment partner of the Club was American company Bears Investment Group.

The startup was selected among the 47 graduates of Y Combinator presented in March 2013 at the Demo Day in Silicon Valley. According to Vitaliy Polekhin, its a truly innovative startup in the industry that has not changed for years. This project is able to change both the market and lives of millions of people who are now able to avoid severe psychological traumas and spending on legal services during the process.

Wevorce is focused on the divorce proceedings market estimated at $30B.