GLG Partners’ managing partner invests in Skyeng language school

GLG Partners’ managing partner invests in Skyeng language schoolGLG Partners hedge fund’s partner and founder of Infinite Ambition investment fund Adylov Erkin has invested in Russian language school Skyeng. The school develops a virtual classroom for collaborative work of teacher and student in studying English. The funds received will be used to complete the new version of the virtual classroom and enhance the teacher-student interaction.

The education industry is changing at a frantic pace, and it is important to follow the latest trend. Skyeng, combining proven mathematical techniques with a simple and intuitive design, has a high potential in such large market as learning English. In my opinion, Skyeng has the potential to bring online education to a new level by lowering the old school teachers’ barrier to enter the market and personalizing the learning process, - Adylov says.

Skyeng Language School was founded in April 2012 by MIPT graduates. It has managed to get a 400K RUR grant from Bortnik Fund’s UMNIK for the development of its virtual office operation algorithm.

GLG Partners hedge fund is one of the world’s largest hedge funds. It manages more than $26.2B. Infinite Ambition investment fund was founded by Adylov and former employees of Goldman Sachs Bank. It is focused on investing in Russian seed stage projects.