Social learning platform attracted $500K

Social learning platform attracted $500K, a group of services for social learning, received $500K from VC Point Nine Capital fund and a group of private investors for the development of the international version of the service, access to new markets, and for the creation of mobile products. services unite more than 7M unique visitors from 17 countries. is a group of services for social learning, where students help each other with their studies, homework, share knowledge and meet new people. Russian version of the is presented by School service where students learn how to organize personal knowledge base, how to filter and select the information useful for them.

Users of the service are attracted by easy exchange of knowledge, experiences and opinions. The services are for students, parents, teachers and enthusiasts of education. The innovative approach allows users to develop individually.

This round of funding will allow us to grow even faster, so that almost every student in the world would be able to have the opportunity to use the social learning. The purpose of is to take a leadership position among educational services in every market in which we are or which we are going to enter- Michael Borkowski says, one of the founders of the group of services.

We are impressed with the achievements and ideas of The world has seen how strong the influence online communities is when changing the world for the better. We are proud to support the mission of - Pavel Khudzinsky from Point Nine Capital says.