MSU business incubator residents became graduates

MSU business incubator residents became graduates Eight companies in IT and biologically-inspired branches became graduates of Lomonosov Moscow State University business incubator. Within the limits of “incubation” program residents took a course on business basis study, garnered instructional and consultative support. Besides, becoming a resident, each company received initial funds on development from investing partners Leta Capital and investing company AltaIR.

Results of residents` work have been resumed on a closed presentation for investors – MSU Demo Day – which for the second time has been held on the territory of MSU faculty of economics. MSU DD visited more than 50 investors, business angels, and representatives of investment Funds. Besides the point, according to results of the first Demo Day, 7 of 12 residents of the previous incubator intake got investments

MSU business incubator was founded in 2010 as infrastructure on the basis of Lomonosov Moscow State University. According to results of 2,5 years of work, residents and graduates of incubator have created about 30 companies in various branches: from biologically-inspired to IT-sphere. Market capitalization of MSU business incubator residents is about 500M RUB.

Yury Mitin, director of MSU business incubator noted: “This year intake showed its competitive ability on venture market. Projects were able to overcome choice with a competition 20 projects for one place, successfully passed educational program and within a short time worked out its product. The best residents went to USA on acceleration program MassChallenge in Boston.”

Kirill Klokov, chief of MSU business incubator direction on projects development and cooperation with investors, added: “Current intake is significantly clever. Among graduated there are people with great working experience in Google, Microsoft, Innova, Wargaming and other reputable companies. Almost all residents for the whole working period in incubator managed to issue its first product, and some of them – make first sales. There are prizewinners both of Russian and International contests, for example, resident Zet Universe came through to the final in International contest Masschallenge.

It is important that particularly in this intake we managed to try out our new program of acceleration, which includes the best practice in the area of Customer development and Agile Software Development. All projects have an opportunity to meet with successful entrepreneurs, for example, shortly before Demo Day Misha Lyalin, founder of ZeptoLab, visited us.”