Tyumen Medical Academy has opened a business incubator

Tyumen Medical Academy has opened a business incubatorTyumen State Medical Academy has opened a business incubator to assess and develop scientific research and educational projects with the funds of investors.

The main activity of the business incubator is to find promising ideas and projects to commercialize them, also maintenance, work with the residents of the business incubator jointly with the university and business entities.

This is an innovative platform of scientific and practical activities that will bring many scientific ideas to the final product - the introduction of new methods, factory practices - the rector of Tyumen Medical Academy E.A. Kashuba says.

Tyumen Medical Academy has research developments and educational projects with a view to commercialization, and several university staff projects have been implemented in business.

As explained by the head of the business incubator, the assistant professor of the department of neurological diseases, neurosurgery and pediatric neurology A.G. Nemkov, you can get the status of a resident of the business incubator by submitting an application to be considered on a competitive basis by an expert committee. And in the future, the projects of the residents will become the base for establishing small innovative companies jointly with the University.