The Saint Petersburg authorities encourage innovation activity

The Saint Petersburg authorities encourage innovation activity Сhairman of committee on industrial policy and innovations of Saint Petersburg Maksim Meiksin on July, 11 took part in a on-site meeting on entrepreneurial and consumer market development on the subject “Innovation business to the city. Opportunities and problems”. In this event took part representatives of innovative manufacturing companies, non-governmental organizations, energy suppliers, workers of research and manufacturing associations and special-purpose committees of city administration.

Within the limits of one session there have been discussed problems of innovative developments implementation of domestic manufactures on the territory of St.Petersburg and other regions of Russia, promotion of goods on international market, support of small manufacturing enterprises.

One of the key subjects of the session became measures of governmental support of innovative manufactures. Deputy Chairman of a city industrial policy and innovations Committee Inna Shalyto presented to the audience projects on promotion and support of innovation activity in St.Petersburg, which are realized by the city Government.

She also said about list of innovative goods, which should be formed and used in government procurement, and other measures of innovation manufactures support.

In a final part of the session companies` representatives shortly presented its developments, made suggestions on further cooperation with government authorities, and proposed actual subjects for the next discussion.