International Innovation Forum will be held in Saint Petersburg

International Innovation Forum will be held in Saint PetersburgIn October 2-4, 2013 Saint Petersburg will become an Innovation Capital of Russia: on the field of Saint Petersburg International Innovation Forum there will be held more than 50 business and presentation events.

The organizer of the Forum is Saint Petersburg Government. Traditionally the Saint Petersburg International Innovation Forum is held jointly with International Forum “Russian Industrialist” in the exhibition complex Lenexpo.

The main subject of the Forum this year is “From innovation regions to innovation Russia”. Discussions and round tables will stress on innovation development of regions: development institutions functioning, attraction of investments in innovation projects and Startups, creation and development of engineering centers, cluster policy, legal aspects of innovation activity.

Business program of the Forum is devoted to questions in the sphere of medicine, transport, international cooperation, innovation infrastructure and youth innovation entrepreneurism. The subject of innovations in construction sphere will be exposed to lights for the first time.

A conference on joint methods of quality increase of Government information services will be held in the first day of the Forum.

This year active participation in the Saint Petersburg International Innovation Forum will take Finland, which presented a range of events within the limits of business program: “Role of the North corridor growth: Stockholm – Turku – Helsinki – Saint-Petersburg in realization of innovation developments”, “Small and medium enterprises and Startups as engines of innovation”, and “Innobus: International cooperation in business and innovation”. Besides, the delegation from Finland will take active part in discussion of innovations in medicine. On the agenda – cooperation between Finland and Russia as a mean of new innovation developments in the sphere of biopharmaceutics and diagnosis realization increase, and also innovation approaches in diagnosis, treatment and infectious diseases preventive measures. Events on this subject will be held with support of Saint Petersburg Health care Committee.

The Fund SKOLKOVO offers to discuss opportunities for St.Petersburg`s Startups and required for their development infrastructure. The subject of starting innovative entrepreneurial activity will be actively discussed on the third youth Forum day. Guests and participants of the event will manage to know about mechanisms of financial attraction into innovation projects of small and medium business, youth innovation business in Russia and European Union countries.