RVC took part in VI Saint-Petersburg International Innovation Forum

RVC took part in VI Saint-Petersburg International Innovation Forum In October, 2-4 in Saint-Petersburg has been conducted the 6th Saint-Petersburg International Innovation Forum (PIIF), in which took part Russian Venture Company (RVC). RVC traditionally participates in PIIF. In the Forum of this year RVC has been the expert: representatives of this company took part in central Forum events, and also have been organizers of subject sections about venture financing mechanism of innovation projects.

In particular, Aleksander Potapov, deputy of director general – executive director of RVC, took part in Plenary session “Innovations. Resources and Markets. Growth vector”, and became a speaker of the round table “Innovation lift: from a Startup to IPO”. Dialogue between business and development institutions”. Besides this, RVC within the limits of the Forum has organized and conducted the round table “Three stimulating tools for demand on innovations: forecast, sales, regulating”.

In the course of speech on the Forum, representatives of companies have summarized results of work, and discussed perspectives of market development. Speakers’ attention has been focused on a range of key problems, particularly, prevailing offerings under demand on available venture capital; need to develop at the next stage high-tech projects in the sphere of medicine and energetic; need of promotion for leaving business via IPO culture, or sales of innovation companies to large corporations.

Within the limits of the event there has been noted, that innovation lift works with lower efficiency, as it has been planned earlier. Founders of small innovation companies often do not have enough business-competence to follow a traditional for West market way – develop company till the stage of cash-out (sales to strategic investor or entering to stock exchange via IPO).

Within the Forum limits there has been discussed a question of market unbalance. 70% of investments go to Internet and information-communication technologies. RVC market its interest in order to compensate this unbalance and strengthen attention to investments in medicine, energetic and other spheres, receiving investment share, not proportional to its significance. One more adverse trend of the market is a question of capital availability provision at early stages. As against to USA, we have few business-angels, and projects’ financing at early stages experiences difficulties.

“RVC’s task at the next stage will become correction of adverse trends. We know that we will have to go against market often. This is our role as a State Development Institution. Besides, we have to develop new financial and nonfinancial support tools. I am sure that during the next three years we will show significant going on for international market indexes”, - noted deputy of director general and the Board member of RVC Aleksander Potapov.

Traditional participation in the Annual Forum allow RVC as the Development Institution contributing to forming the high-tech economy sector in North-West region, realizing system communications with the company’s partners, inform regional players about the market development programs and about actual tools of venture financing of innovation projects.

The company expects that thanks to its participation in this Forum, it will manage to achieve the synergy effect of players for Federal and regional ecosystems to implement available supporting mechanisms of technological entrepreneurs.