RVC presented a catalogue of common access information resources of venture m

RVC presented a catalogue of common access information resources of venture mRVC published the investigation results of common access information resources of venture market. The result of the investigation became a catalogue of more than 800 resources, which offer important information for participants of venture investment market. The catalogue is a long-term project, open for all market players, with the participation of whom ita regular actualization will be held. The investigation has been made by Industrial Information Agency by the order of RVC.

The aim of the investigation is provision of Russian venture market participants by data about available and practically useful resources, among which they can get a required for business deals information. In particular, they can increase their legal competence, get data about supply and demand on innovation products, get acquainted with analytics, receive consulting and other aftersale service, and learn about actual and important events and many others. The catalogue can be interesting for many players of venture market: investment companies, development institutions, Startups, technological companies, professional associations, and also representatives of mass media and students.

Within the limits of the investigation, there has been found out and analyzed more than 2000 resources. After its examination on actuality, subject pertinency, information structuredness, its usefulness and fullness, there has been comprised a catalogue from 794 information resources. All the resources are structured by 8 categories and more than 30 types, which allows working with a catalogue very convenient.

In the result of the conducted investigation, there have been found out some disadvantages of information resources of Russian venture market. In particular, despite the existence of qualitative portals with big capacity of useful information and convenient navigation, a range of resources have a problem of “information noise” plenty, low level of practical value and information structuredness.

In order to work out offers on improvement of this situation, there have been examined more than 100 foreign resources, devoted to venture investment, and representatives of venture market organizations-participants have been interviewed. On the basis of gathered information there have been formed recommendations on level increase of resources actuality and its practical value, taking into consideration needs of some types of venture market participants, including startup technological entrepreneurs. One more improvement in portals` work must become an opportunity of data review and download in all accepted formats, including optimized for mobile devices.

“One of the main advantages of this catalogue is its openness and opportunity of constant actuality. The formed core of practically useful information resources of venture markets with its short description, evidently, will be widened and complemented. Besides, the information, gathered within the limits of the catalogue, can become the basis of a solution of a range of application tasks by interested participants of the market. For example, significant part of the catalogue may be useful in formation of mass data for creation in Internet of interactive venture map of Russia”, - believes Roman Kosyachkov, director on strategic development of RVC.

To download the report on investigation and the Catalogue of common access information resources of venture market of Russia it is possible at corporate site RVC by link: http://www.rusventure.ru/ru/programm/analytics/