Sergey Brin`s brother established a restaurant Startup

Sergey Brin`s brother established a restaurant StartupThe Startup Butter Systems, founded by Sam Brin (younger brother of Google co-founder Sergey Brin) and John Lee, will supply to restaurants tabs on the basis of Android, which will function as an electronic service system. Herewith it is impossible to use a tab for purposes other than that intended.

With the help of a tab it will be possible to make an order or ask for bill, not waiting for the waiter. A tab will contain an individual for each restaurant menu, in which a visitor can make an order by one click. An order will be forwarded to another tab – order processing point, where it will be treated by restaurant workers and then sent further to the kitchen or bill making.

Restaurant`s administration has an opportunity to upgrade menu and add special promotion and offering with the help of web-interface. Changes will appear on tabs immediately.

Manufacturers consider that with assistance of this electronic menu system visitor`s order increases up to 12% and more. Restaurants will be offered to try this system free during 30 days. Afterward payment system is unknown yet.