QIWI Venture presents the service “47 restaurants”

QIWI Venture presents the service “47 restaurants”The project of corporate investment direction QIWI Venture – “47 restaurants” has been launched in beta-version. Besides financing the service received the resource and partnership basis QIWI, which allowed the author for almost half of the year making the way from the project prototype till realization of functioning application.

The new service represents a mobile application, which gives opportunity to visitor of any restaurant or a caf? to get acquainted with menu at its mobile phone or a tab, just scanning the QR-code, located at the table, not waiting for a waiter. Besides, with the help of this application it is possible to order a waiter, ask for the bill and leave tips via Visa QIWI Wallet. Nowadays it is also available the web-interface and application for devices based on Android. In the near future will appear an application for iOS. The service already functions in a range of cafes in Moscow, and in the beginning of 2014 it will be launched in large network restaurants. The author of the project also plans to widen functions with adding information about each caf? with comments from clients, which will be available in real time mode, and also functions of “personal assistant”, subscriptions for offers and actions from restaurants and cafes.

The project, which we have financed in June this year, has all chances to enter the next stage of investments, - comments the Chief director of the Group QIWI Aleksey Barinsky. – The service “47 restaurants” is a great project, which completely meets all requirements of the QIWI Venture, because it offers to improve the existing business-processes without implementing additional equipment and significant investments. In our plans there is scaling of the service in large Russian restaurants and widening of its functions. We also see an opportunity of its integration with the main business QIWI in future, for example, it is already now possible to leave tips, using Visa QIWI Wallet”.

The QIWI Venture is ready to invest in new perspective projects. With a special interest are considered solutions from financial and Internet sectors, projects, which refer to CBM (customer base management), advertising market, Mobile- and E-commerce, and also aggregators for services and goods, relationships with clients management services and clients’ services optimization (CRM), Hard'n'Soft solutions for improvement of current business-processes, and also projects, which refer to virtual and added reality. At this stage the QIWI Venture has defined the maximum level of investments at the first stage in one project up to $1M. Besides financial investments authors will be provided with all required resources for balanced development and promotion of their startup. The best projects will receive an opportunity to enter the structure of the QIWI Group.