The Startup “23andMe” has been forbidden to make DNA analysis by order

The Startup “23andMe” has been forbidden to make DNA analysis by orderThe Startup from USA “23adMe”, which offers services of making DNA analysis for people concerning genetic predisposition to one or another diseases, has been forbidden to provide such services on a genome decoding. Such decision has been taken by The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ministers considered that “23andMe” still has not proved that uses the certified method and provides clients with adequate information.

Nowadays the company has two weeks for proving that its tests are conducted according to certifies techniques and cannot make harm clients, and representative of the “23andMe” has already announced about its intention to solve all appeared disputes.

The “23andMe” belongs to Anne Wojcicki?, former wife of Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google. The popular service of the company is a portative set, which allows independently undergoing medical tests of saliva and send it for processing. Paying $99 online, a client receives a test-tube for saliva. He sends it back to the company and soon gets information about his predisposition to one or other diseases. The “23andMe” insisted that renders not medical services but informational, this is why it has not receive license. The regulator suspects that the company can use doubtful method, offer wrong information to a client, and as a result a disoriented client will pay for unnecessary preventive measures or treatment.