Eruditor Group received $12M from a group of investors

Eruditor Group received $12M from a group of investorsThe Company Eruditor Group attracted $12M from the Funds Intel Capital, Frontier Ventures and Runa Capital. Money will be directed on development of existing projects and strengthening of the Company`s positions at all branches of professional services, including increasing of existence on the territory of Russia and other CIS countries.

The services Eruditor Group, presented in all large cities of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, unify more than 150 thousands of private experts in such spheres as medicine, education, beauty industry, show-business, sports, construction and repair. Users are offered a free service on required staff recruitment, and specialists at their turn, get a developed infrastructure for online-sales of their services. All the projects of Eruditor are created on the basis of a traditional model: a specialist pays a small percent of the service cost for a new client once

In 2011 the Company received $600K from a venture investor Igor Ryabenky (founder of the fund Altair Capital), and in 2014 - $4M from Intel Capital and Runa Capital. By the end of 2012 with the help of services Eruditor specialists-freelances earned about $200M. In 2013 management of Eruditor forecasts business`s duplication.

At the moment the largest projects in Eruditor Group are “Your tutor” (the resource unifies more than 110 thousands of teachers), “Info-doctor” (a service of a doctor selection and online record for doctor`s appointment), (the largest booking service of artists and musicians), and “Krace-Masters” (a field for selection of stylists, hairdressers, make-up designers). On the whole 7 projects are a part of the Company. Besides the above stated there are also a service on driving instructors selection “Your auto instructor”, and a trainer`s selection service “Sports spirit”.

“I am happy that today we will have more opportunities for realization of goods` vision. Yet now the services help millions of people to find professionals fast, cheap and convenient. And this is just a beginning. The second round of financing is necessary for Eruditor for a fast development continuation, and creation of really great products. We have a clear vision of the development strategy and a strong wish to make things that have not been done before us”, - commented a deal CEO of Eruditor Group Yegor Rudi.

Maksim Krasnykh, director of Intel Capital in Russia and CIS countries, believes that development of the specialized marketing fields for purchasing goods and services, and careful replacement of announcement boards – is a global trend.