Technopark Ingria and Cisco will execute agreement on cooperation

Technopark Ingria and Cisco will execute agreement on cooperationIn September, 19 technopark Ingria and Cisco will execute an agreement on cooperation.

Their signatures in the document will put director general of the Technopark Ingria Aleksander Dubov and vice-president of the company Cisco on communications with state institutions Michael Timmeni.

The event will start in subdivision of the technopark – business-incubator Ingria. Participants of the event will manage to know about the latest news of Cisco and business-incubator Ingria, and plans of their cooperation.

The company Cisco, a global leader in the sphere of information technologies and production of equipment for creation of apparatus means of software for creation of Internet solutions, and Technopark Ingria intend to cooperate in information society`s elements forming, development and realization of joint projects and programs, focused on forming and development of technological entrepreneurism in Russia.