Ingria and Cisco have executed an agreement on cooperation

Ingria and Cisco have executed an agreement on cooperationIn September 19, 2013 technopark Ingria and Cisco, the world leader in the sphere of information technologies and equipment production for Internet, have executed an agreement on cooperation.

The document, which has been signed by director general of the Technopark Ingria Aleksander Dubovoi and vice-president of the Company Cisco on communications with state organizations Michael Timmeny, foresees cooperation in development and realization of joint programs, directed at development of technological entrepreneurism in Russia, experience exchange and rendering consulting assistance in the sphere of information-communication technologies.

Practice steps on realization of the agreement will make operation groups of both sides, competence of which will include rendering of mentor support (by directions “Business” and “Technologies”), expertise in contests conduction, which stimulate development of innovations, technological partnership and pitch-sessions held.

It is important to note, that actually technopark Ingria and Cisco started cooperation before the agreement execution. Business incubator Ingria became the information partner of the contest “Skolkovo Innovations Award with support of Cisco I-Proze”. In September 17, in contests results summarizing up, Aleksander Dubov, who entered the jury, awarded finalists sertificates on virtual residency in business incubator Ingria.