FabLab 1.5: Dream realization Week comes to Russia

FabLab 1.5: Dream realization Week comes to RussiaIn October, 14-19 in National University of Science and Technology "Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys" (MISIS) will be conducted an International Week of digital production “FabLab 1.5”, at which each volunteer (a student, engineer or schoolchild) can in the shortest time with small expenses implement almost any technological idea.

Russian network FabLab should become one of the largest in the world (the concept has been developed in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA (MIT). Every month in the regions are opening new laboratories for a dream realization. FabLabers have automatic digital milling machines, lasers, 3D-printers, plotters, leading systems of fast 3D-modelling, and other high-tech tools.

Digital production Week “FanLab 1.5” is one more serious step of MISIS on the way to growth of its internalization and global competitiveness within the limits of a unique program 5-100. FabLab is a unique event. It contributes to increase of prestige and popularity of engineering education, allows Russian innovators implementing ideas into life during the shortest period of time.

Guests of the event will meet with FabLabers from Russia, Europe and USA, including the ideologic inspirer and founder of the laboratory, professor of MIT Neil Gershenfeld, exhibition of achievements and developments of the FabAcademy graduates, working session within the limits of the project “Machines that make machines”, news about forming the first in Russia Center for bits and atoms (analogues to the Center in MIT), session of open master-classes from domestic and foreign experts FabLab, and many other events.

International Week of digital production “FabLab 1.5” will be conducted with support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, and the Moscow Education Department.