РВК and iR&Dclub will tell about launch of corporate venture funds

РВК and iR&Dclub will tell about launch of corporate venture fundsIn October, 8 the Directors Club for Investments and Innovations (iR&Dclub) jointly with RVC will conduct the third consultation session within the limits of the project “Practice of corporate venture Funds establishment in Russian companies”. The project has been conceived and realized by the Club, RVC and Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation.

The aim of the project is to equip top-management of large corporations by required competence and skills for creation and development of one of venture investments market tools – corporate venture funds. Pilot teams take part in the project, consisting of the large Russian companies representatives (members and participants of iR&Dclub), considering questions of a corporate venture fund establishment in the own company. At the two conducted events within the limits of the Project, have been considered existing models of corporate venture funds (CVF), have been developed examples of establishment stories and launch algorithm of CVF. For participation have been attracted foreign experts – representatives of Funds and consultants from Switzerland and Israel have shared their experience.

The third consultation sessions will be devoted to legal and financial questions of a venture financing mechanism launch. Session speakers are representatives of financial and legal service of RVC, Vnesheconombank, venture funds.

Within the limits of the session the most actual questions on this subject will be considered. Experts will stop at the experience of forming the Fund by a State corporation in West jurisdiction and selection of a form for corporate venture Fund in Russia. Term Sheet defines the structure and peculiarities between investor and managing fund. There will also be stated the key articles of expenses during forming the fund’s budget.

Participants of the third consultation session will also get opportunity to communicate with specialists and get consultations on interested questions.