The Academypark launches a new project for ambitious students

The Academypark launches a new project for ambitious studentsIn October, 25 in the Academypark will be conducted the first expert session of the project “Your chance”, where students of natural-scientific and technical professions can get consultation of top-managers of innovation companies.

For the first time Technopark of the Novosibirsk Academypark will offer students and aspirants a chance to get professional evaluation of their ideas and projects without special contest selections and absolutely free. Experts will become Chiefs of successful companies of the Academypark, which have a great experience of work with mentors and tutors in Winter and Summer schools.

A participant of the event can offer his idea of a new business, or just prepare interested questions. The result of the expert session can become invitation to participation in Winter School-2014 without the contest, an offer to solve the ordered task from residents of the technopark for the award, or just work in a large high-tech company.

“The whole pool of mentors and experts is formed in the Technopark. These people not only have the great experience of building successful companies, and usually the whole corporations, and are eager to share success secrets, warn starting entrepreneurs from mistakes, - says the Chief of instrument-making business-incubator of the Academypark, curator of the project “Your chance” Pavel Glotov. – Besides, high-tech business experiences lack of qualified staff, and young talented specialists are required to the Technopark. This is why we count on conducting such expert sessions regularly, approximately once per quarter”.

The presentation of the project had been held in several Universities of the city – the Novosibirsk State University and Siberian Management Institute; on Wednesday representatives of the Academypark will speak for students of Novosibirsk State University. It is possible to file an application in the course of open lectures in Universities, with the help of a form at the site of the Academypark, besides, enter in the Technopark during the expert session will be free.