The “IT Co.” and IIDF will support Startups together

The “IT Co.” and IIDF will support Startups togetherThe Group of Companies “IT Co.” and the Internet initiatives development Fund (IIDF) have executed the Memorandum of Understanding in the sphere of widening the support programs for young entrepreneurs in the sphere of IT. Thus, the sides have recorded their intentions and possible initiatives in the sphere of development and establishing the domestic market of information technologies through work with Startups.

The main aim of the Memorandum of Understanding execution is formation of a plan for joint activity, focused on development of supporting programs for young entrepreneurs in the sphere of IT, creating or having Startup-projects in the Russian Federation regions.

Particularly, the “IT Co.” nowadays plans to form in the Bashkortostan Republic (and further, perhaps, in other Russian Federation regions) a society of young entrepreneurs, who have already launched or have a wish to launch their Startups in the sphere of IT. Such society will include elements of accelerator, incubator and educational program. The company is intended to cooperate in this direction closely with the Internet initiatives development Fund, which possesses a huge experience in this sphere. Besides, the “IT Co.” is aeger to take part in the Fund activity, which refer to the projects selection, and also its following and development.

“Jointly with the “IT Co.” we aim on ambitious targets. This is support and investment in projects at the very early and risky stages; this is very rare nowadays in Russia. This will not only give opportunity to a great amount of young entrepreneurs, who live in different regions of our country, to realize themselves in Internet, but will significantly increase quantity and investment attractiveness of their projects”, - noted Dmitry Kalaev, director of educational programs in IIDF.

“With great pleasure we follow the IIDF formation and that ecosystem support of innovation projects, which is formed now. The “IT Co.” is eager to take part in this activity, render all-round support. We believe that in Russia information technologies and young businesses, built in this sphere, will play one of the major roles in the country development”, - added Dmitry Torshin, investments director of the Group of Companies “IT Co.”.