Startup ideas Sumit-2012 competition: keep on voting

Startup ideas Sumit-2012 competition: keep on votingAudience keeps voting for the projects to be presented to the start-up ideas Sumit expert committee. Originally, organizers planned to choose the best idea according to the experts and audience, but in order to avoid results manipulation, they decided to change the sequence: first, the experts chose 8 most promising and useful ideas (but as it turned out, three of them were not on ideas stage, but running services, and therefore they were excluded from the contest), and then the audience had the opportunity to express their preferences.

The finalists are five ideas that will be put on expert committee judgment and will compete for the grand prize - Apple iPad 2.

The allowance-service is a service that will choose the best Business and Budget allowance, check discount and special offers, etc.

QR-tivity - the opportunity to leave a comment on any individual object by QR-Code.

New Media - Online Media, based on the synthesis and selection of the information

Preparation for the exam is a collective training service for the exam with the ability to plan and check the progress

"As for myself" is a service for sending things to/from abroad with travelers

The organizers consider the contest as an opportunity to choose some interesting and useful ideas that can be implemented and are locally unique. Therefore, if there is a successful and popular realization of the above ideas, they will be excluded from the finalists’ list.

You can vote for the finalists on the official VKontakte page. And the organizers have provided No worthy ideas check mark in the voting list – if it collects the majority of votes, the results of the competition will be canceled and they will launch the contest again.