Startup Weekend - a chance to join the investment Syndicate

Startup Weekend - a chance to join the investment SyndicateMay, 25-27, 2012 the next Startup Weekend will take place in Moscow, the finalists of which will be submitted to the investment Syndicate. Syndicate is a group of people, professional seed investors and business angels, who agreed on a voluntary basis to consider Internet projects for joint investment in them.

The Syndicate was formed in March 2012, its first members are Igor Matzanyuk, the founder of Imi Investment Company, managing partner of Russian Ventures Eugene Gordeev and the head of GlavStart startups factory Arkady Moreinis. The syndicate considers projects at seed and post-seed stages. The volume of syndicated investment of the Syndicate is in the range from $100 K to $1 M.

Startup Weekend is a three-day work program of Glavstart investment factory, which will allow Internet entrepreneurs to consult with experts, to check the viability of their projects in advance and get the initial investment. This time the organizers are going to select projects more thoroughly: it is planned to get no more than 50 participating projects. The main requirement for projects selection will be the availability of a team that has a set of skills to implement its project, a big plus is the presence of something already done.

The weekend will bring together some 30 experts. With a decrease in the number of teams, each team will have more opportunities to interact with experts. Some experts have volunteered to communicate with the projects by way of master classes.

As a part of the Weekend there will be a master class on the startup business model analysis held by Gaidar Magdanurov, the director of the Microsoft Seed Investment Fund.