Pskov authorities to defray the expenses of enterprises on innovation

Pskov authorities to defray the expenses of enterprises on innovationThe authorities of Pskov region will provide financial assistance to enterprises that are engaged in the implementation of innovations in order to develop the real economy of the region, the spokesman of regional administration told RIA Novosti.

Subsidies will be provided for reimbursement of the total cost, including the purchase of machinery and equipment for technological innovations, new technologies, software, staff training, marketing research, rent, interest payment, certification and patenting.

There is 17M RUR in the budget of Pskov region for this purpose, according to the interlocutor. Over four million rubles was spent two years ago to subsidize innovative companies.

Financial support will be provided on a competitive basis, following the consideration of companies’ documents by a special commission. Among the selection criteria is cost-effectiveness of expenditures on innovation, the share of company-provided innovative services. Applications for grants have already been filed by eleven companies of Pskov - the official added.

He also clarified that the procedure of financing has been approved by the Governor of Pskov region Andrew Turchak.