Rusnano to support a project on energy-efficient microprocessors

Rusnano to support a project on energy-efficient microprocessorsThe Board of Directors of Rusnano, JSC decided to fund a project on the development and commercialization of high-performance and energy-efficient next-generation microprocessors designed using advanced nanotechnologies (28 nm or less), Rusnano reports.

The microprocessors based on applicant company’s architecture, have higher performance and lower power consumption compared to analogs available on the market (based on ARM and x86 architectures), the report says. Rusnano will disclose the name of the company to implement the project and other details after signing an investment agreement between the parties.

However, the Board of Directors of Rusnano, JSC closed three investment projects that were previously approved for funding and received no investment from Rusnano.

It is about projects for production of nanostructured highly porous cellular materials with catalytic layer and equipment based on it, expanding production of high-quality lightweight glass bottles reinforced with nanostructured coatings, and organizing GMP production of transdermal therapeutic systems and implants for replacement and regenerative medicine.

As explained in Rusnano’s statement, the projects were closed because of a failure or refusal of the applicants and/or co-investors to comply with obligations assumed, as well as other participants’ refusal to implement the projects jointly with Rusnano owing to, in particular, their disagreement with Rusnano’s funding requirements.