The rating of largest online retailers in Runet

The rating of largest online retailers in RunetThe growth of Russian e-commerce market in 2012 totaled 36% - 350.6B RUR, the number of online stores increased to 32.5K. Online retailer Ozon became the leader in terms of turnover with its 7.6B RUR for the year, InSales analytical company says in its report.

The most popular product categories in terms of turnover in 2012 are Electronics and home appliances (76.5B RUR), Clothing and footwear (60.1B RUR), Computers, laptops, accessories (45.6B RUR), Mobile Phones (21.7B RUR) and Children Goods (18.8B RUR).

Online supermarket became the leader in terms of turnover in 2012 leaving behind the leader of the last two years Utkonos that slipped to the third place: 7.6B RUR against 6.2B RUR. The declared last year's net sales of Ozon, considering commission without VAT, is almost 7.8B RUR.

Online retailers and that sell clothes, shoes and accessories have significantly improved their positions (climbed to the 2nd and 4th place of the rankings from the 6th and 23th place respectively, with 7.3B RUR and 5.9B RUR).

The fastest growing categories in 2012 are the following: Household Goods (104% growth), Cosmetics & Perfumes (95%), Pet Products (93%), Gifts (85%), Mobile Phones (83%). However, there was a drop in demand for coupons. The group buying market has decreased by 39% compared to 2011 when it showed 200% growth. The book market also experienced a slight decline in growth (7% compared to 2011).

The e-commerce market shows booming sales of household goods, as it was in the U.S. 2 or 3 years ago – the Director of Development of InSales Artem Sokolov says. - The growth of the segment in both cases can be attributed to the lack of a clear leader in the industry, high demand for this product category and a great number of small online retailers that entered the market to meet the demand.