Granting Fund GTF announces about a start of the second round of applications

Granting Fund GTF announces about a start of the second round of applicationsToday started the second round of applications filing on GTF grant receiving. It will continue till September, 28.

Since August, 1 new projects can file their applications, and since August, 12, straight after definition of ten finalists of the second round, there will be opened an additional order taking for all the projects, confirmed by the expert council within the limits of the first selective cycle. Technically it will be realized by means of initially registered projects return for modification, and authors of these projects will be notified automatically.

Thus, the Startups will not have to register in the system and fill in all the application forms once again. It will be enough to upgrade information taking into consideration progress that has been reached during the project realization since the initial application filing.

Owners of Grants according to the results of the second selective cycle will be announced at the conference IDCEE 2013, which will be held on October, 10-11 in Kiev.

Starting with the second round, besides the filled questionary and Grant memorandum, during application filing on GTF Grant receiving, the Startups will have to provide a short, up to 10 slides presentation. It should contain information about the problem that the project solves, its competitors and advantages on the market, its development plan and business models. To get acquainted with the plan of sections and recommendations click here.

Also, in during the application filing, together with presentation the Startups are offered to send a short information about a project, which will be possible to place on the site of Fund in Facebook.

Besides, providing by the company a short video clip about the Startup is a plus. It is not obligatory, but can increase chances for success.