RVC Chairman of Board of Directors has been selected

RVC Chairman of Board of Directors has been selected The Board of Directors of RVC has selected a new Chairman – Anna Belova, professor, deputy of decane of National Investigation University “Higher School of Economics”. Also the Board of Directors has confirmed: structure of key committees, RVC working directions for the years 2014-2016, and changes in “RVC development strategy up to 2020”.

Anna Belova, the Chairman of the RVC Board of Directors, after her selection noted: “RVC is one of the key institutions of development, providing innovation strategy of Russian Federation. This is a global transformation task and a serious challenge both for management and the Board of Directors. And the strategic goal-setting will affect the result of this activity. I hope that due to joint efforts of the Board of Directors and the team we will provide realization of required changes and effective solution of setting tasks”.

There have also a structure of main committees on strategic planning on staff and compensation, audit and ethics been confirmed.

Besides, the RVC Board of Directors approved “the RVC working directions for the years 2014-2016” and changes in “RVC development strategy up to 2020”.

One of the main activity vectors of RVC will become correction of market disproportions – staged and sectoral. The company`s efforts will be directed on the capital attraction for seed and pre-seed stages of investment, and also for technological companies` share increase in market sectors, not related to Internet projects.

In order to develop venture investment industry and all innovation sector of the country`s economy, the RVC plans to elaborate and apply balanced set of instruments – both financial and nonfinancial, which will effectively add each other. The special attention is planned to pay to development of involvement arrangements in innovation-technological process of new partners. The priority will be given to large Russian and foreign corporations, investors of all types, including international investors, and also young technological companies.