Business incubator “Ingria” has held presentations of Startups for telecom-co

Business incubator “Ingria” has held presentations of Startups for telecom-coIn September, 12 business incubator “Ingria”, with partnership support of the North-West technology Transfer Center and the Fund of infrastructure and educational programs by ROSNANO, has organized the presentational session for 16 Startups, which offered their programming and program-apparatus solutions for the Companies-projectors, manufacturers of equipment and operators of telecommunication services.

This event within the program “Ingria” Technologies Transfer Center” became the convenient field for effective exchange of technologies, knowledge and resources between large business and Startups. Today, when access to information became one of quality standards of life, representatives of telecom-companies constantly increase quality level and services quantity, offering new products and services. Confirmation for this became a scale of decisions and products, represented by projects from Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and other cities.

Participants, among which there were representatives of “Giprosvyaz-SPb”, “MTS”, “Tranzas”, EMC2, InfoBip, Motorola Mobility, Samsung Electronics, Committee on information support and communications of the Saint Petersburg Government, have been offered products and solutions for infrastructure of communications networks, data transfer technologies for moving objects, algorithms of storage and processing of big volume data, protection from illegal transactions, new methods for organizing transfer of audio- and video- content, mobile applications and gadgets, intended for telecommunication services users’ convenience.

Interesting apparatus solution has been offered by the team “Tellus” (multifunctional ATS for small companies). According to experts from “MTS”, this product can be on demand in the market, because provides the opportunity of usinf the whole complex of telecommunication services: voice communication, mobile and wire Internet, facsimile communication.

Growth of telecommunication companies’ subscribers, and telephones’ transformation into other services’ payment devices, gave new opportunity for Startup Pythia. This team makes develops artificial intellect system, able to reveal abnormal transactions, thus prevent illegal money transfer. According to the Startup participant Kseniya Petrova, initially this project has been created for the bank sphere, but it would be on demand in telecom industry also. New decision in the sphere of processing and storing, the BigData has presented the project Ark, which created the system for managing and storing big amounts of digital onformation, work in which is possible both in the “cloud” and in the platform variant (Finnish “Telia Sonera” is interested in the latter variant).

Solutions for developing telecommunication companies’ infrastructure have been presented by projects “Multi-channel access system” and “MaxtelCom”. The first one offers to gain throughput of wireless channels due to appliance of antennas with nano-cover. The second one has developed a series of portative apparatus for optical telecommunication fiber assembling, which exceed by its features foreign analogues.

According to Sergey Baranov (“Motorolla Mobility”, JSC), amount growth of offered by telecom companies services, should be accompanied by simplification growth of its appliance for users, which will define the company’s earning. To such solutions it was possible to refer both mobile applications and new gadgets. Thus, the Startup “Take5” offers to deny paper business cards, and transfer its functions to smartphones, which the help of which it would be possible to transfer contact information in a convenient and nice pack. Special attention of telecommunication companies’ workers was paid to projects, offering new methods of audio and video- content transfer. Such solutions have been presented by Startups “Teleradio” and “VideoSayHD”. The project “Verbal board Speereo” unified the unique technology of continuous speech development with management device for house devices and telecom services.
Results of the demonstrated session has been summarized by consultant of the “Ingria” Technologies Transfer Center” Yelena Gavrilova: “Projects, which have been presented in “Ingria”, have presented products and solutions, opening new opportunities for projectors, developers and telecommunication services operators”.